Monday, March 31, 2008

What's Been Happening....

Well, this month has been pretty busy for us. When Joe arrived home from his deployment we decided to go down to Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. It's our favorite place to go as a family. Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, it was Nathan's first time in the big wave pool and he seem to enjoy the warm 84 degree water. He did really well for the two times that he was in the water. They also had opened the new Wave Boarding area and Joe and the boys really liked that, especially Aaron. It was nice to all be together again and enjoying each others company. On Good Friday we decided to go down to the Air & Space Museum in downtown DC for the day. It's always fun trying to find parking which took us about an hour and half but we finally made it to the museum. It was also a very pretty day out. We enjoyed the space section of the museum, had lunch, and then went walking down through the mall. We went over to the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden and looked at the interesting pieces of Art. The boys and I have been working hard at school and our goal is to be finished by the end of May before we have our homeschool graduation on May 31st. It just means a few extra lessons here and there. Nathan turned 3 months old this week and he is smiling all of the time. He is very long. He does have his moments just like any other baby but he really enjoys having his big brothers around to entertain him and hold him. The boys love to make him laugh as much as he can but they do enjoy it. Joe has been busy back at work and I have been keeping everything on track with the boys. They are both involved in Karate as well as piano and continue to do well with their AWANAs at church on Wednesday evening. Well, I will try to do a better job at getting the blog updated, so until next time, we love you all!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Well, things at the Santimaw household are pretty much back to normal. Joe took two weeks off from work and last week we enjoyed a few days at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. It is our favorite place to go as a family. Joe will be headed back to work next Monday and then life will really be back to normal. We all have enjoyed having him home and it has been a blessing for me to have help with all of the boys. He loves spending time with Nathan, cuddling him and talking to him. It's fun to watch him with him. I am posting the pictures from the airport the night he finally got to hold Nathan for the first time and some of us too. Thanks for your prayers they have been wonderful!! Nathan had is 2 month well baby appt. today and weighed 10 1/4 lbs and was 25.3 inches. I can't believe how long he is especially for a 2 month old. Enjoy the pics!