Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finally....A New Post!!!

Well, I know it's been a while but here is what has been happening along with a bunch of pictures. In Sept. the boys and I went on a vacation to see family and Disney World. We left on the 17th and headed to Williamsburg, Virginia for a homeschool field trip. We spent the night with Joe's brother and his family and then got up the next morning and drove 7 hours to Joe's mom's in South Carolina. The next day we drove the rest of the way to Orlando to get to the Shades of Green Resort which is the military resort on Disney property. The first night we got there it was actually my birthday and we had friends from Virginia that were there at the same time so we had planned to meet them for dinner at Planet Hollywood. We had a really good dinner and then went down to the Lego Store in Downtown Disney and did a little shopping. The next morning the boys were scheduled to go on a Disney Pirate Adventure. They went out on a boat for a couple of hours searching for clues along the way to find the hidden treasure. They had a really great time and I had fun just having some peace and quiet. That afternoon my sister, Cyndi and my niece, Samantha came up to meet us so that they could go with us to Magic Kingdom the next day. We were able to go into the park early too because we were staying at one of the resorts. It was nice because we were able to ride a lot of rides before we had to go to our Character Breakfast at the Ohana Restaurant at the Polynesian Resort with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo and Stitch. Then we went back to Magic Kingdom and finished up on some rides, went back to the hotel and went swimming for a little bit and had a nice dinner. The next morning we got up and drove down to my sister's house and met my parents and brother in law at SuperPlay USA where my dad, Neil, the boys, and Sam stayed and played for the afternoon. We spent the next few day with my parents, we went to Playmobil Land, and I was able to visit my Grandmother. Then we started home and stopped at Joe's moms house again and spent another day with her. We went to Swan Lake and had a picnic lunch and the boys played at the playground. Then we finally made it home. All in all it was a good vacation but of course, it is nice to come back home. Since then, we have tried to get back into a normal routine of school and appointments that seem to happen almost everyday sometimes. Joe is doing well were he is at just extremely busy at work. We are just very thankful that he is safe at the moment. Anyways, enjoy the pics!!!