Monday, February 18, 2008

Home Safe and Sound

Well, after four days of waiting Joe finally made it home last night to BWI. He arrived around 8:45 p.m. and the boys and I were so excited. He had to fly to Ft. Benning this morning to turn in his equipment and go through a class so he should be home for good by Wednesday or Thursday. We did get to spend the night with him in Baltimore and it was a great reunion. Thank you all for your prayers and I will post some pics later as I am feeling a little tired and Nathan is out of sorts at the moment too. We thank the Lord for His wonderful love and mercy through this time we have been separated. God is so good to us!! We love you all!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Change of Plans AGAIN!

Well, Joe emailed this morning to say that they are sending in a new plane and isn't sure when they will be leaving so he doesn't know when he will be here. Please continue to keep him in your prayers and us too. It's so difficult to not know when your husband/daddy is coming home and not to get too excited knowing you may be disappointed. Anyways, thanks for your prayers and we love you all!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Update & Prayer Request

Well, to begin Joe was suppose to arrive in the states on Wednesday evening, unfortunately his plane was delayed and has now been delayed for the past three days due to mechanical difficulties. So the prayer request comes in several parts. First, please pray for the plane to be fixed properly so that all of those soldiers who have been waiting to get home after their service can finally get home to their families. Secondly, pray for Joe not to get too frustrated with the whole situation.
Thirdly, pray for Christian and Aaron who have been told for the last three days, "Daddy is coming home," only to have their hopes shattered after I have to tell them he isn't coming. Lastly, please pray for me to remember the Lord's timing and know it is perfect. Also not to do things in my strength but in His as it is hard for me at this moment to not become frustrated with circumstances. Thank you in advance for your prayers as they are so appreciated by us all.