Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Power of a Dollar

Today, the boys and I had to go out to pick up Aaron's new eyeglasses at the mall. We did that and then went on to canvassing the mall just to have some time out of the house. We ended up hitting the Dollar Store which honestly I haven't gone to in a really long time. I was cruising around just looking and found these really cool little sunglasses for Nathan. Christian exclaims to Nathan, "Don't let her put those silly things on you!" Well, I purchased them for a dollar and when we got home I decided to try them out. As soon as I put them on he started smiling and was so excited. These will last me all summer especially the many days at the swimming pool here on post and I will be protecting his eyes. So even though the economy may be in a slump at the moment, and even though they may only be "silly" sunglasses, that dollar will go a long way for me.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Piano Recital

Well, this past Saturday, the boys had their 2nd piano recital. This is the second year they have taken lessons with some time off in between to find a new piano teacher who is Mrs. Jan Z. from our church. She is a wonderful teacher and very patient with the boys. Christian actually ended up going first because the person before him was unexpectedly late. I thought that would make him more nervous but he handled it very well. Mrs. Jan was very pleased with their performances as they made no mistakes and played from memory. Joe and I were happy and proud of both of the boys and the good job they did. Hopefully, over this next year they will continue to improve. We hope you all enjoy hearing and seeing them play!!